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Reviews for "Test Subject Blue"


Great game, first of all.
You can "trick" the portal by going barely though 1, then back quickly. I made a diagram to show you.

Portal 1 = +
Portal 2 = |
Direction = < or >

Normally: >+.............|>
Trick: >+...........<|
Use this to your advantage, and remember...this is going to take some practice!!! Good Luck!

good game dude

enjoyed the game good concept and really fun mad scientist taping the glass was really cool. only problem is the jump button is slow to respond sometimes wch is pretty frustrating when trying to make a timed jump.

Very clever

Love the concept, quite a unique little puzzler.
Fluid animations and decent graphics.
The difficulty curve is nice and steady too, enough to keep me playing when I was stuck but not enough to produce frustration.
Sounds were good and fit the game well and the music is pretty none intrusive and quite suiting.
The controls are pretty standard fayre for this kind of game and I like inclusion of WSAD as well as the arrow keys. They felt a little stiff at time but nothing I couldn't overcome.
All in all a neat package but then again I wouldn't expect less from NItrome.

Cute, but...

Actually kinda disappointing for a Nitrome game. While the controls weren't complete pants, they were frustrating, and clunky at best. Also, points off for blatantly ripping off the "observing doctor" of Spewer fame. Plus, it really got annoying when he tapped the glass and everything shook just while I was trying to line up a tricky jump. Unnecessarily distracting.

bad game

the controls are ass the story is good but the controls ruined it