Reviews for "Clocks on the Moon"

teh lotus

party on teh fukken moon :B AEIOU

I love this :3

forever and ever and ever


This gets me laughing every damn time. You did a superb job with this, good job :)

An outer space adventure

It's good to see the Clock Crew still does the things it loves when it reaches other stellar bodies. Chasing RupeeClock and chanting in unison.

A fresh and hilarious Moonbase Alpha parody!

I love how this short Flash film of yours combines the famous Moonbase Alpha meme with the Clock Crew!

I also like how you used a clean and detailed intro for an effective transition from serious to silly. I believe it emphasises how random it gets!

To summarize, this is a fantastic short Flash comedy film that not only stays true to the Moonbase Alpha, but also exaggerates its humour! Excellent job!