Reviews for "Clock Duels"

not a good game

this has no point. make games with decent animations and we'll see

It is decent.

This was a pretty mediocre game. This is really basic and not to original. I have seen this type of game a bunch of times and it seems you just took the idea and added clocks. Graphics were overall poor and need some work. The controls were fine and simple. I was able to kill every clock except for Jesus. That I found impossible. Also you really should not have added a Jesus clock because that is offensive to christian religions having to kill him. The way you explained the controls was very good and made me understand very fast. Overall it is nothing that good. Could use improvement.

Fun game but

I tried shooting robojesus in the head but it seems impossible to do! @_@

Great game, fun.. but

how do I kill jesus clock? Other than that, the graphics weren't important, the game was enoyable, and kept me entertained.

To Do The Ultimate Skill Kill...

Shot The Body 2 Times Shoot The Head 1 Time And Do A Clock Shot