Reviews for "Rik-a-Dik-Dik"

Words can't express

How much I love this movie.


This is one of the funniest clock day movies I've seen today.

Brilliant work!

Why would you want to turn turds into gold

What, turds aren't good enough for you?

Holy buttballs

What a kinetic, swinging smashing breaking hacking hard-hitting Clock Day movie! I loved it.

Fucking Genius!

Wow, that's the funniest one so far. A great portrayal, almost a beat poem, with a short plot (do clock movies ever have plot?) and killer punchlines. I love the animation style and the way that it culminates in a very final ending for the piece.

You probably could have ended up with a punchline of Pineapple walking into the room, saying "hey Orange, have you got my gold, yet?" and seeing all of the corpses.

Still, well done and just what I was after.

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biblo responds:

Y'know, sometimes they do have plots!