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Reviews for "Ruby Loft Escape"


I thought i would see some pissed off xbox fanboys in the comments becouse of the code on the box, but you can't get always what you want, but what i did get was a fun game :P


I like escape games and i liked this one alot.

Wow,nice game...

Not scary like other escape games.Anywaysican anybody tell me the music with pm?

Impressive puzzles and clues. I'm pretty good at music, so the piano puzzle was easy to figure out. But what I liked most was the architecture this game took place in. I really dig that stuff. Looks almost like a real place, in fact.

Well rounded game. Not too difficult. Good enough challenge for me anyway. I usually can't go far in these without seeking the almighty walkthrough. I love these games, but they tend to be my kryptonite.
Love the graphics. Sound is ok. Great job.