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Reviews for "Nanobeast"

Awesome old school style

This game was very challenging in a good way and i really liked the upgrade system the third chapter was agonizingly painful to play and took all my button mashing abilities so you sir deserve 10 stars for this wondrous game of old school fun.


it would be better if you could move faster


Im sorry, but the bfirst thing that attracted me to this game was this part of the text an I quote: " ...challenging retro shooter with a unique upgrade system that involves collecting..."
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is NOT unique at all! THis "system" was way back implemented in games such as Life-force on the NES. I can maybe understand you did not know about these kind of games, but at LEAST you could do a little research before you say it's unique.
Apart from that, the game is decent, nice job.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Ok, look, as I've said in other responses, I have not played all those games and I believe the upgrade system can be called unique on an online Flash game level. But just so I don't irritate people like you who get so anal about the definition of unique, I've changed it from "unique" to "interesting". Happy now?


when i press down, every once in a while it keeps going down when i release it, i have to press it again to stop it, same with every other direction and the firing! it is so annoying, if it werent for that, it would be a great game though, so im not gonna rate it too bad.

Pretty good, the keys stick though.

This game is generally good however i see a major promblem with the game play, it is fun howeever the keys do stick. The ship would fly off in one direction. Making it hard for it to control the game.