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Reviews for "Nanobeast"


I love it! Love the powerups. Brutal firepower and Brutal fire rate are just such good pairs.

Extreme Tip!

Dont upgrade speed to max! It will fuck with everything! REALLY! Upgrade to 7, or 6, because when 9 and you want to do an simple dodge, you go up and hit the other bullet. This happens in harder levels.

Extremately nice game, because of the upgrades, secondary weapons, bosses, but what i really liked was music! Just epic!

this is fun and challenging

10 buddy

RatherRandomReality responds:

10x buddy


For some reason the controls would randomly stick as if I was holding a button down, when I wasn't. This caused me to die quite a few times. I didn't like how the level up system worked. Also I didn't unlock any medals even though I was accoplishing the tasks for them. It was a good game and I like this style of game, but I those glitches really annoyed me.


dude you are the man i cant even get past level three yet!!!!!1 :)