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Reviews for "Nanobeast"

I tried to play this game, and unfortunately, the controls are broken. They lock on to the last position or key button pushed and navigating the ship is almost impossible.

I really thought this would be a good game, with its retro-looking NES style, but the controls just ruin it.

Not bad but it kinda drags on a lot and its basically just Gradius with less power-ups and it's really repetitive and easy

Choosing your own power ups +1
Old school Galaga feel to it +1
Fast pace in your face pew pew action +1
Entertaining fun & a challenge +2

Overall well done.

The player controls are terrible and make immersion almost impossible.

Using both common movement key groups as movement and special actions is confusing and using the arrow keys always leads to locks control lock ups.

The graphics and segues are crappy but this is "retro," right?

Retro respect!

I love this! Great work Hristo!

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks, mate.