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Reviews for "Nanobeast"

this game is awesome!!!!

but its freekin hard!!!

Great game!

My favorite part was the music and the talking. xD

Very nice, but technial problems

The game doesn't seem to work on IE9 either. I'm having lots of control problems, and the only add-on I'm using is flash. I'll come back later on Firefox.

System of a Down.

The gameplay is amazing.
The upgrade system is amazing.

And I love the 8-bit System of a Down music.

if everything would be as awesome as the sound..

..the most entertaining part is the music and the voice acting in the sequences between the chapters. besides that it get's kind of repetetive and blurry cause you only see white spots everywhere once your ship's power and firerate is at a high level. fix that, put some more work in the skill system and this could be a even better time killer! :)