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Reviews for "Nanobeast"


the gameplay is great and the voice acting is flawless :)


Certainly very fun, but it shares too much with similar games (unavoidable, really) and the difficulty curve is waaaaaaaaay too slow to begin with!

Nice game.

The game is cool. A great classic shooter like game. I like the idea of a robot defending the city. I like the pixel graphics in the game. The background is good I like the enemy units. Overall a very good game but needs some things to improve. Like the upgrade system. If you want to upgrade something after speed you have to wait until you get more power ups but I really think you should be able to upgrade the thing that you want right away. I think that will be a little more fair. Also I think there should be a save game option so if you can't play anymore you can just save your game. Overall a good game but can use improvements.

A or D

pressing A or D.........game doesn't respond seriously.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Google Chrome messed up their newest update, try another browser or read the game comments to make it work for you on Chrome.

good job

i only gave it a 9 because of the fact i couldnt get past chapter 2.Next time could you install a difficulty setting please?

RatherRandomReality responds:

You can do it. Also, there is a difficulty setting.