Reviews for "MLP: Friendship is Pain"


very nice


This game is only worth around a 7 because it's not that interested or great but I'm giving it a 10 to make up for the people giving it 1's.

Guys, I don't see you posting 1's on every game that involves killing. Writing reviews about how evil No More Heroes is.

I'm a die hard my little pony fan. I love the show but this game isn't bad, and I love that song they played during the death selection screen.

Seriously wish I could figure out the other medals though...

Funny game!

I like the Mortal Kombat reference

Them little ponies too annoying finnaly this is what i have been waiting for ever since netflix was made my little sister would hate this!!!!

I absolutely loved it, being a brony. It was sure fun just doing odd, but twisted punishments
Got all the trophies, and liked the Dexter cameo.