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Reviews for "MLP: Friendship is Pain"

Bronies gonna hate, and I don 't care

I suppose I should start by saying THANK YOU. Not just for a game where I can wail on ponies, but for making an assassin game in the style of the old gems from newgounds' early days. Remember the time you shoved a grenade down a Powerpuff Girl's throat? What bout when you microwaved a Furby? Good times.
But I digress.

The game itself isn't that bad. I'd say the real score it deserves is a 3.90 or a 4.14, something in that region. It's a little too short, and I agree with Kelazi5 that it could use more of everything. The finishers were satisfying to say the least. To say the most, crushing a pony under a mountain of corn-filled shit is going to be the highlight of my day(bit of a slow day, really).

The only reason this flash has received such negative reviews is because of the subject matter. These 'bronies' hate it when you say even the slightest negative thing about the ponies. I will readily admit that there are sensible bronies out there who can be mature and take a joke, but there are just as many if not more who will scream at you with a metalhead voice if you make even the slightest mention of how creepy and pathetic it is that a 22-year old man with a goatee and tattoos is completely obsessed about a cartoon show and toy line whose target audience is girl children(true story btw).

brings back some memories

haven't seen a good assassin game in a while (i can still recall playing them in highschool when i was supposed to be learnding)

especially loved the ren and stimpy - ish soundtrack thrown in there. made it that much more warm and fuzzy

DrAhole i like the way you think. and i wunder if you could eat the ground up pony?

love the reign of terror reference