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Reviews for "MLP: Friendship is Pain"

for something i found with the random game button, this is decent.

Kevin responds:

Thanks bruh

Medal Guide:

1. Don't do anything to Twilight for a full hour, just leave it running in a separate tab or something. This gets you the "Waiting Game" medal.

2. Dexter appears in the background during the Ground Hoof ending. Simply click him when he appears to get the "Hello, Dexter Morgan" medal. He's a little quick though.

3. Just watch all of the endings to get the last medal, "No Bromo".

that's why we did nothing wrong

and here i thought you were just reading too much Sgt. Sprinkles or something... then i looked at the upload date. holy crap. go ahead, bring on the pain. i don't care if the art's terrible, there's just something so terribly amusing and appreciative about all this.

poor execution, but oh, well. it's a good time waster. that's exactly what it's supposed to do. oh, and nice music too, intro and otherwise (lol, John Williams Orchestra, very cute...).

Pretty egdy...