Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"

Finally.. A Tower Defense I Like

I dont really like Tower defense games but this one.. Its pretty hard to find a reason not to like this

P.s. Your music selection was a great choice xD

TD and music...

is like peanut butter and jelly

Dancy Trancy fun for all.

I would defiantly hang onto this one. i like it better then any of the music games out there I also like the Throwback to DDR in the similar song selection manor. the only down side is that this game had an end. :( More songs would make it a 11/10.
Point in a nutshell. it is great, need more music. :P

I am absolutely freaking hooked.

Thank you for the musical awesomeness.

Just awesome

Hard is a bit to hard. and normal is a bit to easy...
I liked it alot.. i hope theres more songs(will you add more? this is fun) i liked how the songs.. and the beats.. THE ENTIRE GAME. was fun.. havent finished it.. i wish i had it on my phone. SUCH A FUN GAME. i think i coverd that ITS FUN.