Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"


i dont like these type of games but this is very awesome and fun

Original idea

The game is brilliant and original, and the basics are simple to learn.
Simply a must-play in its genre.

Very Nice!

The game was excellent, especially the Lance theme remix. I loved the game and keep playing it over and over again. My only problem was Native Faith was WAY too hard to be so far up in the setlist. But overall, 10/10.


This game is damn amazing . It is so well made and has such a great idea inplanted into it if i could i would rate this 100 / 10 one of the most greatly thought of and original idea ever . 1 WORD- uhhmazing . I also love the fact that their is a youtube video attached to the game for a tutorial. I can see this game would have taken great effort to construct .

lawl i accidentally won the secret medal while joking

to have the secret medal, win a song by using only...