Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"


Ive come back 3 times today to play this game, while i do love the music and the ingenious way you managed to change my favourite game and turn it into an even better game by incorporating music you have managed to make a game that runs on this old beast of a computer i have, for that i salute you. 10 stars 5/5 from me.

FrozenFire responds:

Jon worked super hard on making the game as efficient as possible. Very small lag.

good game... but

this isnt an issue you can fix, but this is extreamly hard when lagging.

the towers seem to stop working during lag, i can play a song with fully upgraded towers on every spot and lose. yet when i play on a computer that does not lag, i can beat it with only one of each.

but the computer that doesnt lag has no audio, so that ruins the purpose of this game.

this is a big dilema, but its not your problem. this is a great game and deserves its spot on the front page.

i really need a better computer.

FrozenFire responds:

Yeah I can't fix those lmao



Suwako approves.

Well, this is such an expertly crafted TD game (with awesome music to boot) that it was an easy 9 anyway. But the fact that you threw in a bit of Touhou music absolutely clinched that final star. Nice job!

I <3 this game ^^

It's a very good game and I really enjoyed it, especially your creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!
One question, how long did it take for you to make this?? And very creative with the youtube guy tutorial ^^ This was a very good game ^^ I anticipate your next one~! :D

FrozenFire responds:

It was in development for a just over a year, but in that time we redid it from scratch 3 times. The current version took about 6 months from 0 code and 0 art to the finished product you see here.