Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"

Amazing game

I thought this was one of the most creative and well put together games I've seen in a while. It combined two of my favorite game types into one. The interface was colorful and very stylish. I found only one glitch which is when you play songs and then come back later and reload the page, no matter what song you pick, it tries to make you do the beginner tutorial.

FrozenFire responds:

That glitch will be fixed very soon! Thanks for the review! :)


amp up the base and call me a fag. this game is awesome and it derserves the best you can give it. tower defence and awesome music.

epic as fcuk

great game nice and fast paced the oly problems i have r where is the pause button im mean shit say if u had to take on there is no way for u to pause the bloody game and 2 when i clicked on the sleeping guy like it said in the vid for the secret achievement i didnt get it and on thing would be nice if u do so happen to make a sequel u should put it to where we can listen to music from our computer and play the game at the same time along with the default track givin to us great game love it 5/5 10/10




Different than what I expected when I clicked on the banner.

That however, is not a bad thing. The game looks great, has good music, is unique and even gets the musical terms right. I know I will spend many hours playing this in my dorm room.

FrozenFire responds: