Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"


With this game, you have a great new version of tower defense and a good music selection for all the levels. What would be amazing, is if you could make a version of this for consoles, and had a bunch of Donloadable songs.


I love music and I love video games.

so you put a music in my video game just in time for my birthday?
Why thank you, good sir!

FrozenFire responds:

Happy Birthday! :D

Dancy Trancy fun for all.

I would defiantly hang onto this one. i like it better then any of the music games out there I also like the Throwback to DDR in the similar song selection manor. the only down side is that this game had an end. :( More songs would make it a 11/10.
Point in a nutshell. it is great, need more music. :P


very nice game indeed, much to my surprise

[Insert above extremely awesome rating here]

It was totally great! Addicting, fast paced and had awesome music. My personal fave is Native Faith. Also if you're planing to make a second one I suggest you add a "play your own song" option where the tempo of the notes and their strength would rise per each round. I would give anything to play Through the fire and flames on hard! But I think a lot of people would. Haha