Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"

Tower defense + BEMANI series = SWEET!!!

It's a cool concept. I just can't get tired of play this AWESOME!!! game!!!

just a small problem

when i open the tutorial, i cant close the window. the x button does not respond.

Excellent and Unique!

This is a really well made tower defense game. And the idea behind it is ingenious! Using music as the foundation of the entire game! BRILLIANT! I play piano so seeing all these formal terms like a fermata or a decrescendo being used in such a fun game was rather amusing.

I didn't find this game too difficult, it was rather easy to be honest. I have yet to try hard mode, but normal mode was a breeze for me so it shouldn't be too challenging.

I also love the choices of music, techno is one of my favorite genres. Anything electronic that is made well is my choice of music. I was very surprised to find a Touhou song in here, my jaw literally dropped. Native Faith is one of the best themes in Touhou in my opinion. Suwako~! :3

I found a glitch/bug

I love the hell out of this game but i was playing "i choose you" at the whole song froze at the 3:07 mark and when i reset the game i lost all my data


This game is fantastic! Runs smooth, fun to play, awesome music, and i never got frustrated. Everything about it is great! Also FIRST PLACE ON I CHOOSE YOU OF THE WEEK!!!