Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"


I've never been one to play tower defense games before. But you sir...know how to make a good TD game. This is a perfect combination of a good music game. ( with AWESOME music choices i might add!) and a balanced, and fun TD game. I wish I could give more than a 10 star rating because...I just cannot get enough of this game. You need to make an Iphone/Ipod touch version of this. Im serious, you'd probably make a lot of money with it!!

some bugs

the game opens and im assuming theres supposed to be sounds on the home screen but theres none, there are no songs to choose from, and the help menu wont close if i click the x. maybe its just me but maybe other people have encountered similar problems?

otherwise i think this game is very promising. and its originality deserves a 5 itself.

FrozenFire responds:

If you follow the advice listed in the description you'll find the answer to your problems.


its fun I ges

A Big Example of Originality

Finally! a musical game that is not a more Guitar Hero.
Awesome ideas make a Awesome Game. Thanks Matt & Jon

Soooooo addicting

I am so hard to sell online games to I mean I never play em but this one takes the cake I CAN'T STOP! 8D Excellent work.