Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"

I will say it while it is one of the newer ideas that I have seen for a TD game, it has many bugs. The level ends even when enemies are still on-screen, the main menu screen transition is buggy, and the game goes too fast for the rhythm. Be happy you got half a star.

reviewing this gaem is pointless as its not in development 3 years old


> The whole rhythm tower defense idea is great! Although I've seen some like this that isn't that good, this one is quite different. The levels are great and challenging. But of course, there are some flaws as well.. Nevertheless.. The game seemed to be pretty enjoying, I suggest other tower defense players to actually try this.
> The songs picked were actually great! Catchy and alive for a tower defense game. While at the same time you guys supported some people's work. Even though the song "Native Faith" created by megabobi is already gone in Newgrounds. You still manage to acknowledge him. I was hoping you could still acknowledge the original song, but that doesn't matter much.

===Major Flaws & Errors===

1.) Progressing through the game becomes a bore
> Like somehow, the more you progress in finishing other levels. Somehow it comes to an end, that it keeps becoming a bore in the end.
> Is it because the number of towers are limited? Or perhaps the limited space of the area is too small? Is the range of towers that small and limited, while it feels like all of the range of towers are the same? Or am I just being paranoid? (which is a joke). The problem with the game is....
> It's something like this.. When you make a tower defense, be sure to improve greatly the game play even with bad graphics. Rather than have a game with ultimate graphics but has a rather rubbish game play.

2.) Missing uniqueness of towers
> When it comes to a tower defense. The kinds and appeal of a tower makes the game interesting. Yet the towers seemed to be like basic kind of towers in this game..
> A first basic cheap tower, tower that shoots and pass through enemies, a laser like tower and long range kind of tower. There's not much of a different kind of tower that seemed to be appealing, don't you think?

3.) Lagging destroys the arrangement waves of enemies & winning
> Since there are a lot of enemies spawning, special effects, projectiles appearing.. The game tends to lag, even in low quality (well for my laptop). But if you were to make a game like this, and have an option of a low quality. Be sure to make it a true low quality that could lessen those effects.. And because of this....
> After the song is finished playing, even if you haven't manage to defeat all of the enemies at that time. The game will proceed to end. Which affects on your chances of winning via default, and your high score.

===Minor Flaws & Errors===

1.) Too much special effects even in low quality
> Nothing much to say about this one. Well perhaps you could at least make it a real low quality for once, especially for those people who can't play this in a normal rate (including me with my laptop).

2.) Annoying Lose, couldn't even directly restart the song
> First of all, I have to admit the game is quite a bit hard even with my years of experience in different tower defense games. But the fact after you lose to a song, you have to go to the main menu in order to re-beat it again? Well that's annoying, especially when it comes to losing.

I've played a lot of tower defense games, from Warcraft III and Starcraft II custom maps to flash games, indi games, etc.. But this is one of the most unique flash games I've played so far!
Keep up the good work, and please keep on polishing your game till it's almost perfect :)

I honestly don't get the appeal here. There is hardly any game to this whatsoever, and the different towers seem to react randomly and off time with the actual music.

Overall, it is a nice game, but where did Native Faith download link go?