Reviews for "Symphonic Tower Defense"

Music stops playing.

Pretty fun, until the music stops for no reason. The game doesn't progress and no enemies spawn. You can't do anything when this happens. I encountered this glitch when playing the third song, and it won't even start now. I can't play any more of the game. Please fix this glitch, because this game has amazing potential.

FrozenFire responds:

PM me what song gave you this glitch and we can talk :) Thanks for the heads up!




Yeah Sandy! I was actually just thinking last night when was your game gonna come out. Haha.

Nice job bud!

Looks fun, but

Whenever I visit the Tutorial, it sticks there. Dunno if it's a bug or just me sucking. It is a very fun game, despite that.

FrozenFire responds:

The video is streaming from Youtube so they might be to blame. You can read the pictures or just do the In-Game Tutorial :)


I'm very pleasantly surprised. I'm usually no fan of TD games, b ut this one had me hooked after the first map. The graphics are simple and really look like some sort of audio editing software. The game is simple to grasp but steadily gets more difficult, which is always nice, a nice learning curve. There's also some nice variety to the music and the interface is clean and inviting. Great game, with a great, original concept. Excellent overall!