Reviews for "Power Rangers! Black"


the coolest ranger ther is T_T

who needs robots?

especially since you use an axe in all your fights!

Damn I hate this....

.... I mean I hate the Power Rangers but this animation was awesome, and if the actual show was like this I would probably say I liked the Power Rangers (sorry to disappoint the fans).... but I don't.
Awesome animation!


The words "Power Rangers" were the very first words that came out of my mouth when I was a toddler (instead of saying "dadda" or "mamma").
The Power Rangers were my favorite; so I'm giving you all 10!


When ever someone mentions the black rangers axe, all I can think of is the mega-drive game and spamming the spinning axe move to beat the game.

Sweet animation! Wanna see more!
Having no music hurts it though :(