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Reviews for "Helios and the Spartan"


nice find i rlly enjoyed this ;D 10/10


It needs a upgrade menu,that because i gave it 0!!!
Just kidding.This is madness :D
This game is perfect.

хорошая игра ) крутая идея )

Nice combination

Glad you've combined the fun of hack n slash with the style of breakout. It's a very interesting take and very unique. However, something is missing, power ups are cool but it's the combos that makes the hack n slash so much fun to play, or even the power upgrades on the combos. But hey, it's simplicity is what it's so good of, very fun to play for a while.

good game but...

controls are a little hard. to use. i sometimes find myself continuing to run even when my finger is of the arrow key. other than that innovative idea and use of break out and hack n slash.

Agreed with #notahero