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Reviews for "Helios and the Spartan"

good game but...

controls are a little hard. to use. i sometimes find myself continuing to run even when my finger is of the arrow key. other than that innovative idea and use of break out and hack n slash.

Agreed with #notahero

Nice combination

Glad you've combined the fun of hack n slash with the style of breakout. It's a very interesting take and very unique. However, something is missing, power ups are cool but it's the combos that makes the hack n slash so much fun to play, or even the power upgrades on the combos. But hey, it's simplicity is what it's so good of, very fun to play for a while.


It needs a upgrade menu,that because i gave it 0!!!
Just kidding.This is madness :D
This game is perfect.

Breakout clone with a twist, but lacks in gameplay

I like the idea of expanding the line of Breakout clones with a twist like this. The implementation is also nice with nice looking characters and all. So all credit to that!

The problem is that the gameplay just isnt' that much fun. This takes away what's good about Breakout, Arkanoid etc., and combines it with what's bad about so many beat'em ups. Now it's just a matter of almost mindlessly slashing around left and right hoping for good powerups, which seem to easily make a big difference in solving a level.

nice take on the game "breakout" or "bricks"

I thought it was interesting and deff shows ur multitasking skills
Good Job, i hope you get daily 1st prize and maybe frontpage