Reviews for "My Favorite reviews (BB)"

Very Bad

This is poor on so many levels, it's very basic for a start, the buttons for the menu aren't very well lined up and therefor, looks sloppy. It's good how you have attempted to use Newgrounds graphics in with this but that's the only thing good about this, they have been streched badly. The next/back buttons move about, they should remain in the same place for this to look decent.

It's nothing special either, I don't see why anyone should care about your favourite reviews or even why you like/dislike them, there's nothing even fantastic about the flash itself, it's very basic actionscript, the music isn't really a good choice and thankfully, doesn't play when the flash is loaded, maybe you intended it to play but it doesn't, I had to manually start it in order to hear it.

The real killer here, as I mentioned, is the look of it, text is random sizes, buttons all over the place, images streched and so forth, you really need to work on this.



BanglaBoy96 responds:

Well you didn't really have to rewrite the review, I got it ;)
But eh! I guess it's up to you although it was a pretty pointless thing to do and you wasted 5secs of your life XD

Oh look!

I'm going to put up shitty reviews and give people unapproved medals for their efforts!

But really now, most of these reviews are pretty much the ones every one gets every day.

The real hilarity is how you REACT in an overly angry "fuck you retarded asshole! ur rong my shit is gret n u suk cuz u no maek flash dummy!" mentality.

AND it proves you find "10" reviews helpful no matter what.

It also shows how poorly you can take criticism.

Anyways, you guys bitched at me for having "stolen graphics" that was just the bbs.

You seem to have gotten the art from the same place I did. (The download style guides page)

The button layout is inconsistent, which is probably a #1 priority in a game like this, with lots of next and back buttons you want to put them in the same spot exactly every frame. (Don't give me bullshit about "I can't the review gets in the way!" then find a way to fix it.)

The font also doesn't go well with the low quality buttons (vector text on bitmap images?) always make sure sprites have coordinates ending in .0 and modify > bitmap > trace bitmap small sprites to make them look cleaner.

My personal favorite reviews that I get are ones that highlight all the little things I put into the flash and pointing out what's wrong, and how I can improve.

Adding medals doesn't make a shit into gold.

And Mikey wonders why he doesn't get approved medals... (Games like these)

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Are people really THIS stupid? These reviews aren't mine! 80% of the reviews are ones I came across in my time on Newgrounds.
Perhaps you didn't read the description or the name of the flash which was reviewed... Sad! Also I didn't "bitch" at you for using stolen graphics in the BBS, I said that it wasn't a good effort for the BBS awards and they put the wrong people in charge of it (I stick by the decision)
I see what you're saying and sure! I can take the critism and thank you for the pointers but seeing how you got 1/2 the wrong impression from this flash is just plain stupidity.
Hope you do replay it and realise what you and I are saying only 1/2 match.

Here's what you need to do...
1: Read what game it is from ok?
2: read the review and author's response
3: Then read my personal comment on it.



Dude, don't make fun of the people who give you 10's. You can lose fans that way. Plus, submissions that are 100% reading text are bound to do poorly. Perhaps you could record yourself reading the reviews in a sarcastic manner aloud. That'd make it a bit more humorous.

BanglaBoy96 responds:


Ok, Alot of you aren't getting it. Most of these reviews ARE NOT my flashes.
They're simply reviews I came across and found to be somewhat entertaining.
learn the facts of the flash before you review

Awesome medals and reviews!

The medals are awesome.

The authors who made this are awesome.

The reviews are awesome.

I really like this awesome flash.

But recently, the music is so weird.

But most importantly i like this flash.
If this was awesome as other Newgrounds flash submissions.
I give credit that the additonal author is like cool. :)

I decided to like this awesome thing.
If i like this i like favorite this.
I will be happy to prefer.
Maybe :)

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thanks, the music isn't my style but I thought it suited the game well.
Cheers! :D


Funny flash! I loved the ones with sup-par grammar.Some people apparently need to take a good, hard look in the mirror and slam their face against it for their terrible grammar. Mastery of the English language is lost on some. Those who live in an English-speaking country and chose not to speak it until their adult life deserve to be laughed at. Their failure amuses me and feeds my soul!

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Lol! We have something in common