Reviews for "My Favorite reviews (BB)"


So that was notbad at all this was actually a fun game and reading through all the reviews reviewing for the past 18 years on this site it is fun seeing some really crazy reviews but I found it to be pretty good so a nice game nice medals andan overall fun experience

Well I found this game to be pretty good and therefor needs no changes or additions its a fun game.


funny reviews

Ok, these are pretty funny lol

~would get a four if the words sonic fag and butthurt werent used~

also, if you actually read review 16 the reason his english is shitty is because hes spanish

this gets a 2.5 because i had a couple good laughs reading the reviews but didnt give a four because of what i just mentioned

Yeah its great to read a stupid review, but this isnt even a game!!!!!
This is so stupid it actually made me laugh so you did something I guess.
I like the reviews that praise a game and leave a 0 though