Reviews for "Wanna Read Manga"

What a weirdo....

looks a bit inspired from the old spice commercial, could that be ?
But yeah i had fun with it, but i wouldn´t join that manga party lolz.

Well done Sir.

MarkAguilar20 responds:

It was, the audio was so fitting for a cartoon of that style.


this was a good video, but i prefer to ead manga and watch anime at home
PS: ice cream does sound good altho

beyond creepy

well, when he ate the pop sickle....kinda fruity

... I'm scared

I felt as if my soul was molested, but the audio was quite funny and the animation was smooth. Good job.... just don't creep me out like that again please. :)

Sure, why not!

I don't see how going to this guys house and reading manga and watching anime could be in any way a danger to my health, and I do love ice cream.

But on a serious note, Great video.