Reviews for "Jetpack Jerome"

cud be awsome

i agree wiv varagtP,feels a bit too lucky..one time ull go 7000,next two,but with no discernable change in style of play,still cool game


Great fking Game. funny guy who ever is talking

I Like It!

Simple but fun! those UFO lasers were a bitch to get by #^ ^#


The game is very charming and fun! However I feel that there are things that could be improve to reach an even higher score. My main complaint is that it almost feels a bit like luck if you can catch the drops or not, it goes a bit to fast and its hard to have time to navigate toward drops, also you can be unlucky or lucky with the spawning of drops. However the charm and overall feel of the game compensates this! :)

not bad but

it does seem like its geared toward sterotypes almost racist in a way does anyone else feel this way ?