Reviews for "Jetpack Jerome"


You bastard I can't stop laughing or playing. Great game

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:


I hate to say it, but...

This game is great. Not only is it fun to play and hear the character speak, but the song is so lifting and cheerful its impossible not to get into it.

This game has potential...but

A shame the creator will never go back and update/fix/tweak the significant flaws in the game.

The game has merit, but take it back to the drawing board if you aren't just a score jockey.

A colorful game that quickly grows boring

On the first few plays, I had laughed so much at the colorful personality of Jerome that I didn't care how pitiful the game it was masking was. After you hear Jerome's repeated phrases though, the cover quickly wears off. When you take apart the voice acting, you are left with an incredibly bland platformer that is not original nor interesting. The rain, the fuel you need to survive, also comes in terrible patches. It will be thin sometimes, and you will be fighting for life, and then it will be abundant but it doesn't matter because you are already too low on fuel to survive. The rain comes in patterns and Jerome is too slow to make it to the rain drops as they fall. There is no gain to dropping after the rain drops to refuel your tank either, after about 5 seconds of falling you cannot regain control, and you are lost in free fall as Jerome spouts the lines that you've heard over what feels like a thousand times before. Also, the background noise covers Jerome's phrases and the only semi-appealing part to this game. This game is not fun or worthwhile to play over and over again due sheerly to the fact that the medals are all secrets and the game is bland.

My final conclusion: Don't play more than three times, lest you see through the thin veil to the unappealing offering of a game underneath. 4 stars for the one good thing in this game, and that in itself is generous.


why is it so entertaining!