Reviews for "Jetpack Jerome"


So funny when falls, also great job, great game.

This is FUN!

I first i thought i had to dodge the drops But it made it even funner to touch them!!

What a load of rubbish...

Well, that was my first reaction as I zipped up the screen at full speed and then ran out of fuel....
Once I got the hang of it I was hooked! Very clever little dynamic rewarding patience- Slow and steady IS the only way.

Well done!

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

I'm glad you gave it a second chance! Thanks for playing. :)

it is funny.

it is funny cuz it is MY NAME.XDXD

infinity and beyond

loved the phrases and after flying for a while you get into space! Much easier because its falling stars and stars give more fuel. And at some point you can reach the moon too! But after that it gets pretty hard because of aliens shooting at you. if you ever reach 100000.00 he says a new phrase thats really funny, so if you really want to know what he says find out yourself .I have to admit i couldnt have done it without playing the game hacked with autofuel on a different site in fact i think its impossible to go far at all without hacks. All im saying is that give alittle more effort and go further this game has more in store for you, you can use hacks or not your choice and dont go any further than 100000.00 because you wont accomplish anything (according to some other comments that actually tried it). It just keeps going infinity and beyond

TheVillageBlacksmith responds:

All of the medals (and phrases) are possible without hacks! Just keep at it. The 100,000m medal is actually cumulative, which means that each play through adds to your total until you hit 100,000m total. :D