Reviews for "Jetpack Jerome"

Love it!

Haha this is soo addictive!
Well done!


pretty good game. yet another addictive one. ima stop while im ahead.

great fun!

I am super impatient, so this was hard to adapt to. But I enjoyed it.

Voice sounds like Nathan Lane, or Dana Snyder.


Rest in PEACE, BIG L!!!! I love Big L, nice work on the game, fun and interesting.

So very funny!

Of all the flash games I have played so far, this turns out to be the funniest of them all! I don't ever remember laughing so hard, especially when watching Jerome fall to his untimely doom! The voice acting really breathes life into the game.

The mechanics and graphics as well are impressively well done, as well as superbly simplistic. You truly earned a 5 vote and 10 star score!