Reviews for "Jetpack Jerome"

Really Fun for Five Minutes

This is a really great game that feels only halfway there. I loved the style, the music, the voice acting, all of it. The controls were smooth and I only ran into one glitch, which eventually righted itself anyway.

The problem is there's not much of substance here. I kept feeling like this was a good game on the verge of being a GREAT game had there been, I dunno, SOMETHING else there. It needs some kind of challenge, like maybe something to dodge, or an upgrade system so you can continue to reach higher and higher.

As it is, you just play until the game decides its not going to give you any more rain drops then plummet to your death. The additions of the star power-ups were a little too late. It's still a good game, it's just not enough to hold my attention for long. It's a lot like playing an old 80's arcade game in that the only challenge is to see how long you survive. That's all fine and dandy, but it's not going to keep me entertained for longer than the duration of maybe two to three rounds. You've already hooked me, next time give me a reason to stay.


That voice is HILARIOUS--

pretty damn good job


straight forward, refreshingly simple, and fun with a nice dose of humor




this game made me smile
that why I am giving this an