Reviews for "Jetpack Jerome"

Entertaining and fun to hear.

Played it without the sound on. Came back with the sound on. It was a 6 or 7 before. It's a 9 now. Quality sound, and entertaining enough to at least make me want to play more than once.

Mouthy and marvelous

Oh my god. Who's your voice actor? Jerome's voice MADE this game for me. The game is solid otherwise and very simple and easy, it's Jerome's characterization that keeps me entertained. I'm going to go play again now.

Jerome's voice is awesome

It's a good time-waster. Overall the game has a good concept simple and fun. It could be awesome if it maybe had some more depth, some upgrades stuff like that.

Okay I guess.

For one thing, why does rain fuel a jetpack when if you get most electrical things wet they get all messed up.
Two, what on earth are these medals!? Why are they all secret I want to know how to get them :o
Three, there should be more powerups, there is only that rain thing and it's pretty boring going up and having to get rain.
Four. It's really difficult, I don't only use the jetpack (Steady bursts keep going up) because I noticed that's not how you get as high as possible, yet still I've only gotten the damp medal twice. I can't get any other ones, and I can't even get past 6500 feet or meter's or whatever the unit is high.
Seriously, make the game more interesting with more powerups and more twist and maybe, just maybe it'll be more successful!


I thought the game was great and had pretty good artwork put into the game. The game was also awesome