Reviews for "Thinking about her"

ha ha ha

dude ur a weed lol

Don't take this the wrong way but

I know you said you weren't ripping off its just an interpretation - "a fan made tribute to him with your own story" and thats OK, you have every right to do what you want to do...But when you send this out, what did you expect? Its like a band sitting in a room with their instruments trying to create material but just start saying "you know what, I'm gonna play 'Communication Breakdown' with new lyrics."

I am sorry to say I cannot condone this video sir but I would love to see what else you make in the future.

Its OK for a beginner

It would be cool to add some frame by frame animation, and maybe some variety with the textures.

Cheers !


Yes I know you're not trying to rip off Lev, but you did. Do something more original.

drepressing. but i understand.

yeah really sad >>