Reviews for "Thinking about her"


Not to think of her... I did that :P.Any way Gj art where fine,voice acting was good and the video it slef is realy good i give you a 10/10 5/5 :P

Makes you think doesnt it.

It's very thought provoking, you make me sort of feel regret for the relationship i'm in now and if it goes sour. It must have been slightly torturous reminiscing. I think it's a great flash and your voice's bland and plain tone sets the flash with an insight of monotony, as if your memory of her is still biting away at you but you continue on. Yes, I enjoyed this flash and I think anyone who judges against inspiration from another artist isnt rectifying the flashes quality.

It takes a good animation to make NG users question things outside of the flash itself, which this has done for me. It doesnt deserve such a low score. Good work James, time heals all wounds apparently.

i cant give this a bad review

because it was made from the heart and i respect that.
cheers mate. your a big man for posting this reguardless how sad it was.

Well done.

I can't say it's the most original thing I've seen. But you never said it was.

The animations weren't the best, but it captured my attention, and I really enjoyed the video. I can't give you a bad review if I enjoyed it.


Dude are you sure this didn't have a hidden meaning towards a former flame?