Reviews for "Thinking about her"

Haters gonna hate

This really touched me, so u get a 10, it reminded me of this part from 500 days of summer. but it was in ur own way so its special so jacobwillman go f**k yourself was it exactly the same as lev maybe similar but that's the beautiful thing about art it belongs to no one.

I already wrote a review, but...

the newgrounds politeness police took it down. but what i said, and what others are saying is true... You ripped off Levni Yilmaz, plain and simple.

i know you said it was a tribute to Lev... at least that's what i think you meant, you wrote "parody," which has a completely different meaning. nonetheless, a tribute would mean doing something in a certain style while creating something new that draws influence from another's work... part of that concept means not directly lifting material from someone else's work.

It's also not about "who-did-what-first," that's irrelevant. anyone who wants to piss about that really needs to look at history books for a bit. Yeah, Lev didn't create that style... and you're not being faulted for using the "write-on" effect/style. it's ridiculously popular, and i just had a client who wanted a video that was predominantly that effect, but mainly for text. art of any kind borrows from everywhere... a good example would be to look at Pablo Picasso and his love of tribal African masks and then look at his artwork. However, what you did is outright theft. you didn't borrow anything, you just brazenly stole the concept. that is what's so wrong about this portal entry.

meh, copycat

someone has been watching a bit too much lev Ymilaz (tales of mere existance)

Son't be such a

pussy : )

I know how it is..

I tell to my self to not think about her almost for a year, this flash made me almost cry... Love is the most cruel invention in a universe. It is very emotional flash, which balances the lack of animation. Good one pal.