Reviews for "Thinking about her"

I really liked it.

I havent seen the other guys stuff yet, but stand alone, this was pretty good. I did read the descripton first, so I will understand when I look at the other stuff. The voice acting wasnt bad. I have heard much worse. If I had to rate it on that merit alone, I would give it a 7 or an 8.

BUT, seeing how its one whole piece, it deserves a 10/10 and a 5/5

Not bad at all

I like "Tales of Mere Existence" and it's style. You've mimicked it well here, with a good story, however personal. In fact, that's what I liked about it, was the rhythm and timing. You brought me up, made me forget there was a reason you weren't thinking about her, and then brought it neatly to a close without making me feel uncomfortable at any point.

You undersell yourself as a voice actor, you only fumbled a couple lines there, and your drawing is good enough I didn't have to figure out what anything was supposed to be.

As an homage, I like it, but I fear you may overuse a very popular style if your future submissions follow the formula Lev worked out.


i have seem tales of mere existence
and i like it this is a good and original cartoon

this was a good attempt at mimicking the style

it was very well done

only thing that bothered me was the pre loader

your preloader does not work correctly
i saw a blank screen for 2 minuets

ive had this problem before

the solution to this is to add a pre pre loader

which is basically a blank frame with some text saying "preloading"
nothing more nothing less