Reviews for "Thinking about her"

Quite powerful...

Fastest way to get over a woman is to get on top of another.

I feel a little sad right now.

Very compelling and to the point, very nice.

The voice-acting was good, the main let-down was the mic quality.

Most of the reviewers here are either idiots or just don't understand the video, this isn't a parody, copyright or anything, he MADE this animation, thus he owns every single right on it, so stop ranking lower due to your stupidity.

On to a personal note, I understand how you would've felt at the time of creating this, but things change. The best is trying to ignore the individual that you've seperated from, no point in wasting energy getting wound up about it.

Very good, lots of emotion put in, (lots of effort) 5/5.

Aww... its so sad he he SHOULD JUST GET OVER IT. SHE IS A BITCH OK, god who the fuck rips a bunch of cards that you gave them in front of you. SHE IS A BITCH, anyway I liked it.