Reviews for "Thinking about her"

Suck it up, man.

Nice simple and clean flash, but you're not doing yourself any favours. Just imagine she came back to you today. Then remember all the bullshit that you went through when you were still with her. Your self-destructive emotional dependence only serves to reinforce your insecurities and hinders your spiritual development. In the words of The Barenaked Ladies:

"Jane... desired by the people at the school and work
Jane... is tired, 'cause every man becomes a lovesick jerk"

And in the words of Doc:

"Where we're going... we don't need roads."

It ain't easy dealing with Sorrow

It's never easy to deal with Sorrow when it punches you right in the face. Many times, when I personally dealt with it, I thought about what I did wrong and try to make amends with it, no matter what it was. It doesn't matter if you have dealt with this many times over, it still feels like you just got shot by the person you once loved, but still do, while they just pull the trigger of the gun that destroys whatever feelings you have left. After time passes, you find things that causes the memories to flood right in, making you feel miserable about everything, putting you into depression, causing you to do things only dead men would do. So don't give up, give in, or end it. The only one who can decide is you.

-The 13th Grave

eh what can you do

we are human after all we all go through it my personal advice dont give up only 30% and the other 70% move on in other words hide your thoughts and try to find another but if she does come back one day give a shot what do you got to lose? all and all we still got memories think it or not they are what makes us who we are and we can never forget even if you block it out anything or anyone can trigger them again just saying

i feel ya

everything you said you werent gonna do, i ended up doing. which is probably what this video is about... so... good luck man! im still alive :D .... kind of.

sorry man

if that really hapend to u if u still love her get her back