Reviews for "Thinking about her"

what happin?!

wow why can't forgive?

I'm not going to think about-

-this animation very much, because it's honestly pretty mediocre. It's not crap, but it isn't exactly thrumming the depths of relationships and how they sometimes end. If I'm brutally honest, I think if it's your 'personal story', then you should be spending your time trying to get her back instead of sitting at your computer doing the animation, with the faint hope that she'll watch it and see how you feel. The audio is pretty monotonous, I read the description about how you're not the world's greatest voice actor, but if you want to do more animation's I'd suggest putting more emotion into your stuff.

It's neither good nor bad. It just is. Now go do something about it.


Put some more feeling to speech and pause between.



Wow, this is depressing.

And this is coming from someone who has never even been in a relationship.