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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

ok game

ok game but controls are too clunky and its nearly impossible to drift without hitting a wall.

Pretty good, but the controls seem extremely jumpy

The game is good, graphics are decent, gameplay is pretty straightforward, but the controls are really jumpy to me. Sometimes when i just TAP the left or right mouse button the car just swerves out. After figuring out chaining drifts, i got 143rd on cherry mountain. Thats probably because i absolutely destroy on most racing games (I.E. NFS shift 1 & 2).

And Mariofan, really? dont blame the game blame your computer/internet speed. Yours is probably an old peice of crap if it took 10 minutes, it took mine around 5. So just because its a slow load doesnt mean it sucks. I swear some people abuse their ability to vote....

to long loading!!!

the toke about 10 minutes to load for a crappy ass game

to long of a wait


Difficult Game

Well, Good design and everything. But this is the problem, For example, Im in last and i need to catch up. YOU WILL NEVER CATCH UP. The only way you can beat your opponent is to get in first which is a little hard because the enviroment. ITS SO FUCKING HARD BEACUASE OF THE FUCKING ENVIROMENT!!!!!! But still, Its a good game. Luckly, I give this game a fair score. My Rating: 5/10. P.S: ill come back to play, its fun!