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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

ok lets see

you try to recreate need for speed which is a great game. it has easier controls. this though isnt as need for speed great but its ok. the controls are too sensitive and lag sometimes. all im saying is its an ok game but not to my satisfaction

rumblesushi responds:

To be honest with you Need for Speed couldn't have been further from my mind when creating this game. In the entire series, the recent Criterion NFS is the only one I like.

Oh god

The driving controls need a lot of work, and you can't active drifting in easy mode unless you're holding forward which doesn't help at all

rumblesushi responds:

Are there any drifting games where you CAN activate a drift without accelerating? Even in Mario Kart you have to be accelerating to drift.


Reminds me of a mix between arcade, and nintendo 64 cruisin the world games. And the song in the first level got me fuckin pumped! :D


in my opinion its decent for a flash game however the controls are a bit touchy and and this is no replacement for those old racing games at arcades

great game

love it i was all like kick it into warp drive Mr.Sulu XD