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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"


Great 3D visuals. Just great.

great game but can you add so that background not are pixelated for it annnoying

I'm generally not a fan of driving games, but this was freaking cool! I think the best thing about it is how good the graphics are. I thought I was going to have to do at least three laps in the first round. Then again, I was on the "Easy" mode. It really does remind me of those Gran Turismo games you see in arcades. Dang, I need to go to those more often.

The sounds are pretty authentic too. This is one of the best games I've played that won an Underdog Of The Year award. The 3D certainly stands out. You could have had a better way of telling how the other car(s) were behind you. That may have just been in easy mode.

Woah, I've gotta say I'm amazed at what you can actually achieve with flash. With games like this, I'm surprised there aren't more racing games in this format. The controls are a bit hard getting used to, but the graphics and dimension of the game is groundbreaking. Nice music too, and a great pace. Keep it going!