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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

graphics and music is one thing...

but is still a game not a flash vid. The controls are a bit to clunky for my taste and just remind me a 20 year 64 game. Other then it missing the game portion it good.

rumblesushi responds:

There's no such thing as a 20 year old N64 game :D

Impressive Graphics, Great AI scripting...

Game is great, really. It has some pretty impressive graphics (for a flash game), and it looks like the AI was well-scripted not to fail and to stay on track and easing speeds that rise and decrease for certain parts of the tracks. I tried only one level using the Skyline, but I must say it was a great ride. Loved how the game worked out with the UI, especially the High-Score board as soon as you win/lose/conclude level.

What it's missing--Laps and Maps, two very important parts of racing games like this. It would be better as well if you included one or more AIs for the Easier levels, for example, 4 players?

Anyway, great game, great UI, IMPRESSIVE graphics, loved the simple HUD, loved the choice of cars and tracks and the showing of difficulty for even types of cars, the ability to switch the camera control, but it was definitely a setback not having a map of the track that would also include the location of the other player. It's something I kept searching for.

Anyway, great game. Something I would play a few more times. (If I wasn't dedicated to play this one other game every day for the rest of my life :3)

rumblesushi responds:

Thanks for the review, my next racing game is definitely going to have more opponents. For this game it was actually a style choice rather than a performance decision, I basically wanted it to be 1 on 1 like Initial D etc. Touge style.

As for laps, the first track can't really have laps because it's just a downhill mountain course, the second track was originally going to have 2 laps but I decided that 4 or 5 minutes might be a bit long for 1 race, as the track is obviously pretty big :)

Incidentally, the AI for the CPU cars is based on AI steering guided by spline points. It doesn't move along a spline, what it does is use spline points as a guide of where to steer, and calculates the angles of turns given these points to decide if braking is necessary etc.


Outstandig graphics for a flash game..but graphics isnt all this game also has sharp gameplay and great soundtrack.

rumblesushi responds:

Cheers :)


one of the cars is from a anime called Initial D the 8 6 i thick all the cars in it are from the show

rumblesushi responds:

Yep the AE86, white FC and black Skyline are all inspired from Initial D, oh and the white Lan Evo ;) So it's only the Ferrari that has nothing to do with Initial D.

The music is wonderful.

It's like the reviewer before me has never played Ridge Racer.