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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

A hope for flash games to rock

Considering the file size, a lot has been stuffed into this game. The course selection is about that of the general arcade game, but the physics are a little sketchy. If the car is hit in mid air it doesn't spin out like real physics, and also the engine should cause the front of the car to dip and you don't really notice until you play in first person. I must give props for the art and music and combining it with a fairly strong sense of physics.

Pretty fun

Besides from the controls being ass i enjoyed the game. Brings back Ps1 memories

Holy Shit

That was some wiiiild stuff my friend. Awesome graphics, awesome controls, when I ran into the wall on the bridge on that one track and my car jumped I was like "Fuck yeah man" so awesome physics, it reminded me of gran turismo 2 actually

Good times, whatever happened to the old NG review system? I could rate a whole buncha shit


Looks like ass, but still not bad....


Good music and background that go perfectly together.Great fast paced 3D game and it would be a lot better if you submitted your music.