Reviews for "Fuck Town: College Life 3"

all fuck town game is great!

this game so creppy o.o

Good game, air hockey is a little frustrating. And there is a lot of going back and forwards over the same areas to achieve your goals.

Well, life is definitely fine at TCC (Totally Corrupt College) - I like it!

Excellent how Mr Brown gets to have the student, not once but twice over (and glad it's - for once in these games - not culminating in the usual old anal, but thrusting doggy, first with the girl in uniform, then stripped: good progress in their illicit relationship there). Neat twist that the horny teacher running around all over the place for her is unwittingly doing her will (following her plans) not only in the sense of doing her academic dirty work for her. So she 'set him up' doubly!

Mind you - Peter had better start scouring the Net for a new career, after a spell in jail: now she's had all she wants from him, both the sex and the certificates (and in shoe leather used up), a girl that cunning and so 'forward' is pretty sure now to go ahead and blackmail him as well :D (Which btw would have made a neater end to the story than the curtain falling after his second wad of cum inside her - having followed so much of a story, you have to ask what's next!)

I also like that concept of 'a rare tea' that the Maths teacher has in store, btw ...

Neat too that the girls get to call their preferred speeds when they are being shagged - a change from the usual "automatic progression up through the speeds" in many such games. The "Slow" and esp the "Gentle" (!) are incredibly slow-moving, though. You almost fall asleep on the job, and start thinking of the other, fully-grown gorgeous women around the college while you puuuuush ....

It's a fun game. Peter Brown certainly earns his prize with a long series of plotting, and shooting around all over the place (with both his legs and his sperm)! Nice curiosity value to the storyline.

Oh, and I don't mind the Air Hockey at all. I threw the first game, hoping maybe (this being TCC, after all) the other guy would 'claim his prize' inside Sophia too ... but it wasn't tough to win.

What else to say?

I was actually hoping Mr Brown was going to have some luck with the Dean, with Emily in the IT Dept (married she may be, but the $50 could be earned another way ...), and the librarian too. Because those are defo the three sexiest-looking of the lot - and since this is sheer fantasy ....

The fly student is all very well (nice sex scenes btw, also with the other teacher, right down to the hand positions! ~ though it's a pity the girls don't show more facial expressions during the fuckings), but I have to say the young cheater looks a bit like a long, skinny young rabbit when her teacher is feeling her up for a second fuck! I suppose he can't help it (for the purposes of this game) if he is lured by still-developing jailbait when there are much more buxom, sexier options open in the school ... but three beautifully better chances missed right there. As it is, the Maths teacher looks like a youngish girl too, if with pleasingly mature breasts ~ ~ ~

Oh well, maybe Peter can fuck the Three Graces in College Life 4? Hopefully. ;)

And maybe, before she reports the lot of them to the cops, all the teachers can get together to celebrate Sophia's graduation with her in some back corridor of TCC? (There's another grand finale missed :D ~ seriously though, it's slightly sad when these games just vanish on the last juicy cum, with no "last chapter".

(Oh, and the sperm icon in the Fuckometer is a tidy touch!)

Alright game, but as mentioned the air hockey has shoddy detection on your part while the AI can hit with much more force than you do, and probably win the first few games.

A story in a sex game is fine, pointless minigames that are thrown in at basically random is not.