Reviews for "Fuck Town: College Life 3"

I honestly don't know how i got here or why, but all i kknow is that it took me 8! TRYS TO DO THE HOCKEY PUCK SHIT!?!?!?

Uhhh I cant play the game for some reason It's not letting me play and im stuck in the enter college scene at the start word..

Fantastic game, not sure why so many people had a hard time with the air hockey I beat it the first time around.

it was a very fun game, but the air hockey part was horrible. It took me 3 replays to beat him because the puck would go right under my cursor and into my goal. it is VERY glitchy. otherwise, definitely would be a 5/5.

Lol. Thats nice hockey glitchy. That puck just gone off the board and never see it again, lol.