Reviews for "Internet Allstars 2011"

it's... ok

i don't know, i know that it's a comment on typical internet memes, hypes, etc.
that get repeated over and over again, and i agree that things like falcon punch,
nyan cat, my little pony, troll faces, etc. have already been beaten to death,
but i just didn't find it funny, it had beginnings of humour like the "sudden twist" part with the creeper but it failed to go to it's full potential mainly because of the message you're trying to give, anyways, 6/10 on the video, 10/10 on the message.

This isn't trolling, but...

This honestly wasn't funny to me.

RicePirate responds:

Was it annoying and repetitive? Did it make you think Falcon Punch isn't funny? I hope so, cuz that's why we made it.

Really funny, but..

kinda short. I want the end theme as a ringtone, lol.

My god...

this is too funny

Just me?

Captain Falcon is his little 'Tired of Internet Jokes' bit sounds Asian XD

Also Shouts out to Nyan Cat, Creeper, and... whoever that pony is? :P like the song you put in her bit though.

RicePirate responds:

If you listen to sound samples of Captain Falcon, he's voiced by some Japanese guy I think, cuz he has a pretty thick accent.