Reviews for "Simple Tests"

sheer stubornness

is the only thing that kept him sane


OMG that is so hilarious how did you think of that?

Funny as hell!!!

was waiting for it to eventually say: "EPIC FAIL!!!" Keep up the awesome work!!!


This reminds me of portal, the boss at the beginning and then his secretary reminded me of old aperture in portal 2. Did you mean to do that?

ScaredyDave responds:

Nope! I've actually never played Portal 2, but I figured people may end up relating this to that regardless.

Second 'Divided by zero' flash I've seen...

...And I like it. The animantion was great, it reminded me a bit of Egoraptor's, but a bit less... ADHD?

Animation: 9/10
It was great, I liked how every emotion came to it's rights and everything seemed to go smoothly, great job!

Audio: 9/10
Well, mostly I judge audio in the way if it annoys me or not, if not I give it a '7'.
You used two voice actors, if I'm not mistaken and they were chosen well.
Everything seemed realistic and nothing like annoying.
The computer voice was also done very well.

Story: 7/10
Well, with 'Divided by zero' you can't go very far, but you did very well. The thing is, I only saw /0 come by once, so I would've liked to see more about that, but otherwise I enjoyed it very much, so thank you!

Overall rate 9/10 and 4/5 (average for all)
Keep it up!

ScaredyDave responds:

Thanks for the feedback and kind words! Much appreciated!